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If you want to be able to enjoy Kulture Kombucha at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or event on MV, please ask managers or organizers to contact me. and both lead to this website. I love having kombucha available whenever and wherever possible!

     Vineyard Haven:

    The Larder, across from down island Cronig's

    The Larder, 342 State Road in Vineyard Haven. Open Wed-Sun 10-6

    Kulture Kombucha is available by the pint at the Larder, across from Cronig's Market, a perfect complement for your meal prepared with delicious local meats, cheeses, sauces, mushrooms, and fresh farm produce also available for sale. Freshly prepared lunch sandwiches and takeout is available. Be on the look out for special pop-up restaurant dinners by talented MV chefs, they sell out fast! Open daily 10-6 in the summer, Wed-Sun 10-6 off season.

    Scottish Bakehouse at 977 State Road, Vineyard Haven. Open daily 6am-7:30pm

    Sourcing local ingredients is an important value of the Bakehouse because we believe in sustainable business practices, supporting our island community and providing healthy, fresh and nutritious food to our customers.

    Our own on-site Bakehouse Farm yields the greens for our salads, and the veggies for our soups, entrees, sandwiches, omelets, and more. Bring your meal around back to chill at a picnic table while peering through the fence at the buzzing bounty as you eat and sip. Then pick up plants from our farm stand and a bouquet of flowers with a pint of heirloom cherry tomatoes on your way out.

    The relationship between our farm and other local farms is symbiotic, not competitive. We plan and plant our gardens according to what they are not focusing their growing season on.

    Nat’s Nook, 38 Main Street Vineyard Haven. Open daily 8-3

    One of my favorite coffee places now offers Kulture Kombucha with your breakfast, lunch, or to go order! The Nook specializes in sweet and savory crepes and Rao's coffee, espresso, and tea, including the smoothest cold brew with optional coffee ice cubes. Pain D'Avignon baked goods and breakfast bagels are also available. It's a cozy spot to meet with friends and enjoy a good cup of coffee, with a beautiful outdoor patio open in the summer. The crepes are delicious, with breakfast, savory, and sweet options available all day. Gluten free crepes and sandwiches are an option as well. The Nook is proud to offer good food and coffee all year round! Free wi-fi.

     West Tisbury:

    Ghost Island Farm, 27 Davis Look Road, West Tisbury (at Nip n’ Tuck). Open daily 10-6

    Ghost Island Farm is a farm and community supported co-op in West Tisbury, MA, on the island of Martha's Vineyard. All of the seeds that Ghost Island Farm uses are untreated and non-GMO. They only use Vermont Compost Company's organic potting soil for seedlings and North County Organics' fertilizer for crops. They control insects naturally with insect netting, natural predators and hand picking. They do not spray crops with anything except water.

    North Tisbury Farm 632 State Road, West Tisbury. Closed for the winter, see you next spring!

    At North Tisbury Farm we believe that pure and clean food is the best tasting and healthiest for you and the people you love. We stock our market with high quality and responsibly sourced foods. How your food is grown and produced is important for your body and our planet. We carefully select each product offered in our market and love sharing with our customer where each item came from. We promote locally grown, organic foods whenever possible. We love our staff and customers, and take pride in our quintessential small town neighborhood market!

    Contact Nina about a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription on Martha’s Vineyard! Special orders fulfilled as available, one gallon minimum purchase. Specialty flavors by request for your event. Please keep in mind that kombucha takes at least two weeks to ferment.