Kulture Club MV - artisanal raw kombucha, craft microbrewed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Kulture Club MV - artisanal raw kombucha, craft microbrewed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


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Kombucha stuff that I enjoyed reading:

an excellent article about the microbiology of kombucha

When I say I hand craft ethically sourced artisanal raw kombucha, it's not just words.

About gut health, and how your microflora and fauna can affect your physical and mental health (gut-brain connection).

Some history on our understanding of probiotics, development and effects.

Summary of the most important potential health benefits in drinking kombucha. I do disagree with the caveats about home brewing. The low pH excludes most pathogens, problems occur when the pH is off. Contact me if you want help trouble shooting your home brew, I love talking kombucha!

On Point blog post by Guinevere Cramer after attending my first kombucha workshop.

Home brewing your own kombucha - here is a good explanation and recipe that is closest to how I make kombucha. I just use a little less sugar and more tea (loose leaf organic, not teabags).

Ever wonder if probiotics in fermented foods like kombucha survive the digestive process, and if they do, does it help? So did these researchers. The short answer is yes! This article is part of the research topic The Microbiological Functionality and Safety of Fermented Foods and is peer reviewed.

Exactly what probiotics are in kombucha? Kombucha Brewers International and Oregon State University analyzed the DNA of scobys from 70 different companies around the world. Here are the 2018 results.

It’s always exciting introducing people to kombucha and the brewing process. I was fortunate to share some time and kombucha with lovely people from the local paper. Makers gonna make!

I just googled myself and found a short and still relevant blog on mvy.com listing cranberry treats on Martha’s Vineyard, including Kulture Club’s Cape Codder kombucha 😋

A blog post by photographer Randi Baird about fermented food products on MV.

Not about kombucha, but it’s about my garden, and a lot of it ends up in the booch.

Do you need to know the science like I do? Data, with research cited, and specifics listed in this study report, including a study that found that regular consumption of kombucha tea in diabetic rats regulated blood sugar by reducing glycosylated hemoglobin as well as improving plasma insulin levels, and was also effective at protecting pancreas, kidneys, liver, and heart from toxicity.

Here’s the article about how music may affect bacteria responsible for fermentation. I think I’ll make a play list for my SCOBY

Fermenting tea into kombucha makes micronutrients bioavailable to help with strengthening the immune system, blood sugar regulation, cardiac health, and more. Published in NIH National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information