Kulture Club MV - artisanal raw kombucha, craft microbrewed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Kulture Club MV - artisanal raw kombucha, craft microbrewed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


These are a few (more) of my favorite things, and I can share them with you 

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Kombucha was a hobby, then a passion, then a side hustle, now is my business. Here are a couple more passions of mine that are becoming side hustles:

Dark chocolate - We all mourned the closing of Chilmark Chocolates. On the positive side, it pushed me to learn how to make my own chocolates, starting with my favorites chocolate truffles and butter crunch. I prefer pecans to almonds, so that is what I use. For the truffles, I’ve substituted coconut milk for the cream in the ganache. I joke that the pretzel bites are like turducken, but make it chocolate - peanut butter filled pretzels are dipped in caramel, then dipped in chocolate. See order form for availability, with or without kombucha delivered.

Beekeeping - for the love of bees. I’ve maintained colonies for over eight years now, and learned what it takes to get them to survive fickle island winters. It started with a desire for health and help with my seasonal allergies, then interest in pollination to increase garden output became more important than honey harvest. Most of all now I’m driven by fascination and stewardship of bee colonies. I am available to install and maintain beehives at your island property, but I don’t guarantee honey, as I only harvest honey if it is not detrimental to the colony. For example, if there is drought, there will be no honey, and we may actually have to feed bees. Contact Nina for details. Please order bees by end of February for installation in May, though it may be possible for bee packages and nucs to be available after Feb (for May or June installation).

Honey - I only offer honey for sale if I can harvest extra that the bees don’t need. Find me at the Chilmark Flea during the summer, if I have honey I’ll bring some.

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