Kombucha flavors available on Martha's Vineyard, year-round

Be on the look out for specialty flavors in season throughout the year that include locally farmed and wild foraged ingredients from Martha’s Vineyard. Some of the best kombucha I’ve tasted in my life includes wild wineberries (late July), rosa rugosa flowers or rosehips (June through October), and Concord grape (late Sept). These limited edition flavors disappear all too fast...

Past limited releases

  • BERRYLICIOUS black, blue, and/or raspberries with ginger 
  • CALYPSO watermelon, lime, coconut, elderflower
  • CHERRY BOMB cherry, coconut, ginseng
  • DEEP PURPLE Concord grape, elderflower
  • GARDEN GREENS cucumber, kale, collard greens, apple, mint, local honey
  • MANGO BLUSH mango, chamomile, rose
  • MARTHA’S VINEYARD rosa rugosa, red grapes
  • MERMAID DETOX apple, lime, ginger, jasmine green tea, spirulina, chlorella
  • SUNSHINE carrot, clementine, turmeric, herbs
  • DRY TOWN grapefruit, hops
  • ELDERBERRY ELIXIR elderberry, echinacea, chaga, ginger
  • ZEN hemp, spirulina (contains CBD)
  • Asian pear, basil, rosehips
  • Mango, ginger, jalapeño 
  • Pumpkin chai
  • Blueberry, lilac, vanilla bean
  • Rosa rugosa combinations with mission figs, beach plums, blackberries
  • Wineberry rosemary
  • Blackberry lavender
  • Peach, lavender, vanilla
  • Blueberry, lemon, ginger, lavender
  • Lemon, ginger, habanero
  • Strawberry banana