Kulture Club MV - artisanal raw kombucha, microbrewed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Kulture Club MV - artisanal raw kombucha, microbrewed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


Kombucha flavors available on Martha's Vineyard

Flavors in stock

These and other flavors including sold out limited releases may be available for pickup at our stockists. See where to find

  • Cape Codder - cranberry, hibiscus
  • Loveberry - strawberry, lavender
  • Nectar - SOLD OUT peach, basil 
  • Beach Day - pineapple, ginger, mint 
  • Limited release 1: coming 1/4/22 Purple Reign - elderberry, ginger, echinacea, chaga
  • Limited release 2: Volcano - coconut, ginger, orange, lemon, lime, turmeric, honey, horseradish, habanero
  • Limited release 3: coming 1/4/22 Sunshine - clementine, carrot, turmeric
  • Limited release 4: coming 1/4/22 Kombu - kelp, ginger, ginseng, lemongrass, spirulina
  • Half gallon growler refills/exchange: cranberry hibiscus or lemon ginger turmeric. Special orders for pretty much any flavor with advance notice and patience.

Dark Chocolate

  • butter pecan crunch - pint jar filled with 7.5-8oz


Limited releases/specialty flavors

Be on the look out for specialty flavors in season throughout the year that include locally grown farmed and wild foraged ingredients from Martha’s Vineyard. Some of the best kombucha I’ve tasted in my life includes wild wineberries (late July), rosa rugosa flowers or rosehips (June through October), and Concord grape (late Sept). These limited release flavors disappear all too fast...

Past limited releases: 

  • BERRYLICOUS raspberry rose
  • BLACK BEAUTY blackberry, tulsi, rose
  • BLUE GRASS blueberry, açaí, lemongrass
  • CALYPSO watermelon, lime, coconut, elderflower
  • CHERRY BOMB cherry, coconut, ginseng
  • MAIN SQUEEZE lemon, ginger, turmeric
  • CREAM PIE - banana, coconut, honey, vanilla
  • DEEP PURPLE Concord grape, elderflower
  • DRY TOWN grapefruit or pomelo, elderflower, hops, rose
  • FAT BEETS beet clementine with fire cider blend (includes ginger, turmeric, horseradish, peppers)                   
  • GARDEN GREENS cucumber, kale, collard greens, apple, mint, local honey
  • HEART BEET beet, apple, ginger
  • HOT MANGO mango jalapeno
  • MARTHA’S VINEYARD grapes, blueberry, rosa rugosa
  • MERMAID DETOX apple, ginger, spirulina, chlorella (sometimes kale, jasmine, nasturtiums, micromarigolds)
  • PIEBERRY apple, autumn olives, staghorn sumac, cinnamon
  • POMBLUECHA pomegranate, blueberry, ginseng
  • PURPLE REIGN elderberry, echinacea, chaga, ginger
  • ROOT BEER blueberry sassafras maple
  • SMASHING PUMPKIN pumpkin chai
  • SUNSHINE carrot, clementine, turmeric
  • VOLCANO coconut, lemon, lime, orange, turmeric, honey, horseradish, habanero
  • WILD BLUE YONDER wild foraged blueberries, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean, lilacs, honeysuckle
  • lemon, ginger - sometimes with pine tips in the spring, habanero in the fall
  • Mission figs, rosa rugosa rosehips, grape leaves
  • Wild fox grapes, rosa rugosa rosehips, staghorn sumac (100% island grown and wild foraged)
  • Asian pear, basil, rosehips
  • Rosa rugosa combinations with mission figs, beach plums, blackberries, raspberries
  • Wineberry rosemary
  • Blackberry lavender
  • Peach, lavender, vanilla
  • Blueberry, lemon, ginger, lavender
  • Strawberry banana
  • Strawberry rhubarb
  • Blueberry, peach blossoms, rose geranium, vanilla bean
  • Watermelon, thyme, rosemary
  • autumn olive berries, maple syrup